Songs for Jerusalem – like you've never heard before!
Elevate your Jerusalem experience with familiar favorites in new arrangements and new songs.
Suitable for all generations of your family, as well as for educational institutions.
A wonderful gift for all those who treasure Jerusalem.
1. If I forget thee, Jerusalem 2. Zion, will you not ask 3. There is a city
4. Father's song 5. Balalaika 6. Guard of the walls 7. Rejoice in Jerusalem
8. Jerusalem of gold 9. Journey to the Land of Israel 10. Give praise, Jerusalem
11. David's violin 12. Yerushalayim 13.  Medley: Bless you, Uziyahu built
The lost will gather 14. It will be heard, 15. Light and Jerusalem
16. From Zion 17. To you, Jerusalem 18. The Temple will be built,
19. By the rivers of Babylon 20. Over the summit of Mt. Scopus
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