This CD is a must-have for your  family, with songs that teach about  the Jewish holiday traditions and
customs: dipping an apple in honey, sending wishes for the New Year, asking for forgiveness on Yom Hakipurim,
blowing the Shofar, the names of the months of the Jewish calendar, and more.
1. Every Year, 2. Good Year, 3. Twelve Months 4. A Hhammer a Nail
5. Shlomit Is Building a Succah, 6. The Four Kinds, 7. Rejoice
8. The Days Of Chanuka, 9. Suh Sufganiya, 10. Chanuka' Chanuka 
11. Thus Walk the Planters, 12. The Almond Tree is in Blossom, 
13. The Tu BiShvat Samba 14. When Hadar Comes 15. The Purim Festival
16. The Hat Song, 17. The Joy Is Great, 18. We Were Slaves 
19. Mah Nishtanah, 20. The Many Names Of Pesach, 21. Lag BaOmer
22. My Flag, 23. Prayer, 24. Amisrael, 25. Jerusalem Of Gold,
26. The Lend That Flows With Milk, 27. Baskets On Our Shoulders
28. Lacha Dodi, 29. Today Is Friday, 30. Friday is Upon Us.


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