Twenty Sabbath songs- both familiar and new- provide a special way of learning the Sabbath tradition.
Songs for activities and studies that promote preservation of the Israeli tradition.
1. Friday has come, 2. The Shabbat Mom, The Shabbat Dad 3. Lecha Dodi
4. Shabbat Everywere, 5. When I Say Lecha Dodi 6. We Rest on Shabbat
7. Shabbat Candlesticks, 8. Friday, 9. Six Days of Creatin, 10. Two Candles
11. The Shabbat Bell Is Ringing, 12. Shabbat Shalom, 13. Shabbat The Queen
14. Today Is Friday, 15. Haleluya, 16. Why Was the Man Created
17. Charity for Shabbat, 18. Angels 19. Medley: shalom Aleichem, Tzur Mishelo




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