Baby Jewish – Hassidic Songs

Jewish identity is hinged on tradition, What is more Jewish than traditional Hassidic music,
which creates a special atmosphere and brings the Jews of Israel and the diaspora together?
 18 The music has been arranged to soothe and clam listeners of all ages.
 tunes for anyone who cherishes Jewish tradition – an ideal gift for the holidays .


1. Yedid nefesh, 2. Adon Olam 3. Haben Yakir Li 4. Vehi She'amda
5. Mi Ha'ish 6. Shir Hama'alot, 7. Od Avinu Chay, 8. Ani Ma'amin
9. Lema'an Achay Vere'ay, 10. Halleluya, 11. Hineh Ma Tov
12. Kol Ha'olam Kulo, 13. Oseh Shalom, 14. Lecha Dodi
15. Al  Neharot Bavel, 16. Shabechi Yerusalayim,
17. Sisu Et Yerusalayim, 18. Shma Israel


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